Ellinor was raised in Finland, but her desire to become a designer and craftsman led her to a university education in Kent, England. Ellinor was an eager student and was taught the trades of jewellery design and silver– & goldsmithing.

Her jewellery design was often over-sized and made bold haute couture statements. She realized a love for creating metal pieces that appeared impossible to form seamlessly, and working on a scale where one could embrace the object.

After three years in the United Kingdom, employment opportunities brought her to Canada as a jewellery designer and goldsmith creating custom European–influenced jewellery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During 4 years of creating bridal jewellery she filled sketchbooks with silversmithing ideas and projects while witnessing a lack of the forms’ presence in Calgary.

In 2009 Ellinor started working on translating her sketches into tangible pieces to introduce EVStenroos to North America in 2010.

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